A good sound system helps your clients commutate to their clients, and choosing the right system is paramount. Experience does counts. Many installation & design companies just do either installation or design. They don't understand what it is like to mix a live show, or to have a production run more smoothly. They probably don't understand the flexibility that is needed in the live environment. So if it’s a live venue, Sports hall, hotel or restaurant, or house of worship, we understand your needs and expectations that the system we install will need to meet.

We focus on the wishes of our clients and put our real world experiences into your installation. Our desire is to partner with you to achieve the end goal. A successful project always involves great communication and support of our clients.

We are able to take a project from concept to completion. With any project, the first step is to define the goal. Because we are a designer and a dealer, we have the ability to factor in one of the biggest concerns, THE BUDGET. We can design to your anticipated budget.

Our foundations as a company are about quality service. When we partner with our clients, they always have our support. We provide client focused staff training for all of our installations as well as system support.

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