At Soundservices we believe that a sound system should be more than just a set of technical specs. It should be something that not only delivers sonically, but also blends in with its surroundings, provides an intuitive interface and meets your budget.

Should you require a single item like a radio microphone or a complete system we can assist you make the best purchasing decision for your requirements and provide solutions for any issues that you might have after you take delivery.

We specialize in off-the-shelf audio solutions for businesses and organizations who need to reach their audience with clear speech and minimum fuss. We provide portable public address (PA) systems, Infra-red and induction loop systems together with venue audio systems.

Please contact us if you would like advice on how best to meet your audio requirements.

We are dealers / representatives for most professional audio brands and would be delighted to quote to your specifications.

Mixers: Soundcraft , Allan & Heath , Midas
Speakers: Turbosound , FBT , Eurocom , RCF , dB , Adamson
Amps: Lab Gruppen , QSC , Eurocom , Australian Monitor
Microphones: Shure , Sennheiser , AKG , Rode , Earthworks , DPA , Countryman , Rane
Miscellaueous: Creston , Crown , DBX , Denon , JBL Tascam , Whirlwind , DPA

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