Soundservices is as diverse as is our client base. From concert to corporate to church events and festivals, we can provide audio to make your event successful as we have done for our clients since 1990

We understand what it takes to provide the production needs for a live event, with attention to detail and experience that is expected.
Take a look through the gallery for some of the events we have done.

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Just some of our equipment:


Midas Pro 2 Digital mixing platform with DL251 stage interface
Midas M-32 40 channel digital consoles with DL-32 stage interfaces
Allan & Heath –ML-5000 56 channel analogue monitor console
Soundcraft Series 2 40 channel F-O-H analogue console
Soundcraft GB-8/24 24 channel analogue console
Soundcraft GB- 2/16 16 channel compact console


Shure Beta 58 /57
Shure SM 58/57
Beyerdynamic Opus XXL Drum System
Beyerdynamic Opus 81
Beyerdynamic M-201
AKG Blue CK-93
AKG -414
Calrec CM series condensers
Rode NTG-1 Shotguns
Shure MX Overhead choir microphones.
Countryman WCE6t Headset Microphones
Samson SE-10t Headset Microphones

Other Equipment:

Sennheiser EW-300 G-3 series In ear Monitors
Tascam CD/ Minidisc players
DBX 31 band equalizers
Yamaha, DBX, Lexicon reverbs, compressors, gates and effect processors
CM Loadstar 1 ton Chain motors

Speaker systems:

Turbosound Aspect TA- 500 Trapezoidal three way cabinets
Turbosound TSW-218 large format high power subwoofers
Turbosound TXD-252/151/218 Passive loudspeaker systems
Turbosound TQ-445DP/TQ-425DP self powered DSP 3 way cabinets
RCF HDL-20 Compact line array speaker system
FBT Pro Maxx 14d powered speakers
Turbosound TWM-115 Coaxial Concert wedges

Amplifiers and processors:

Lab Gruppen Fp10000 Plus 4 channel Power amps
Lab Gruppen FP6400 High power 2 channel amps
Lab Gruppen FP3400 2 channel power amps
Lab Gruppen Fp2200 2 channel power amp
Turbosound LMS D26Net Digital System Processors
Lake LM-26 System Processor

Radio systems:

Shure UHFR dual channel systems complete with Beta 58 Handhelds and body packs Shure S series single channel systems complete Beta 58 handheld s and body packs.

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